Toya Montoya

heads Adlib Moda Ibiza's 2018 campaign
Toya Montoya protagoniza Adlib 2018

World-famous model Toya Montoya heads Adlib Moda Ibiza’s 2018 campaign

This 2018, international model Toya Montoya will head up Adlib Moda Ibiza’s Eivissa Council-backed campaign encompassing work by 28 local designers. Montoya was enlisted earlier this year as the face of the campaign, meaning the Ibiza habitué will not only be present when the Pasarela takes over Marina Botafoch from 7-9 June, she will also sport Adlib Moda Ibiza creations at assorted presentations and events over the coming year.


The campaign showcases the work of Adlib Moda Ibiza’s cast of creators in iconic local landmarks like Dalt Vila, the beaches of the island’s northern shore, inland retreats such as Atzaró and hotels like Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa. Under the direction of acclaimed photograph Jordi Gómez, Montoya embodies the magic of Ibiza while exhibiting apparel made to be worn freely, fashionably and 365 days a year.

These photos form the basis of a large-format catalogue to be shared at specialist fashion expos worldwide and with niche media outlets in the industry. It also includes a video that sums up the magic of Adlib Moda Ibiza.

What’s inside

Readers will find emblazoned across the catalogue’s pages the traditional jewellery of Elisa Pomar, a creator whose magnificent handiwork routinely captures the imaginations of designers the likes of Dolce&Gabbana. They will also get a look at the stunningly see-through lingerie-style designs of Isabel Castellar’s latest collection. Furthermore, they will see, by way of designers Dira Moda Ibiza, Vintage Ibiza, Monika Maxim Ibiza and Luisa Tur Adlib, the slinky, romantic cotton lace dresses that today constitute Adlib essentials. And that’s not all: the designs are set off by Giampaolo Giardina and Majoral’s breathtaking jewellery. Additionally featured in the catalogue are ensembles by Rebeca Ramis, summery designs that provide a counterpoint to the asymmetric, loose-fitting creations of young designer Jannine Helbling. From the more seasoned wings of the Adlib stable comes apparel from Ibimoda and sisters Lali and Antonia, the latter two sitting atop a niche brand of wedding apparel with more than twenty years’ experience delivering hits. Still other highlights include the work of Piluca Bayarri.

This year marks the 35th on the Adlib Moda Ibiza team for Piluca Bayarri, a designer whose creations are known for the sensuality they inspire. Year after year, Bayarri taps into new sources of inspiration to create the embroidery that is the hallmark of her collections.

Earth-smart fashion has its place in the Adlib Moda Ibiza universe, too. Just look at Nanou Couture, whose pieces feature organic cotton and natural dyes drawn from indigenous plants and flowers. Craving tried and true Ibiza glamour? Look no further than Evitaloquepuedas, a forerunner to the glam beach look with versatile, one-size-fits-all garments. These days, who on the island would be caught without a jumpsuit by Evitalopuedas?

For real trailblazing, check the spectacular dresses of Tony Bonet, blending gaping volume and lace with the freshest of the fresh, qualities that position the firm among the cutting-edge divisions of New Adlib. Ditto for the daring accessories and one of a kind creations of K de Kose-kose, which pay homage to the woman of Ibiza, reformulating the very concept of design.

Bohemian chic abounds in the styles put forth by the island’s sages of hippy fashion. Examples include the Beatriz San Francisco brand’s comfy knitwear; the designs of free-spirited Anitha Wesley, the creative mind behind Linnea Ibiza; the total denim looks of Tanit Jeans; and World Family Ibiza, whose creations bear not just the fingerprints of the whole family, but also the imprint of the firm’s original philosophy. There’s even Ibizan craftwork to be found in the signature espadrilles (espardenyes in Catalan) of Espardenyes Torres, an outfit helmed by Patricia Monjo and Isabel Prats, and in the original headdresses of Siempreprimavera.

Nighttime is the right time for the sensual creations of Marisa Cela, the glamorous designs of Virginia Vald, the sophisticated lines of Ivanna Mestres and the incredible looks of newcomers Ichiana Ibiza. Together, they reflect a facet of Adlib Moda Ibiza which, tinged in black, is apt for any time of year.

More daring shoppers will be drawn to the punk-inspired leather, chains and studs of Ibiza Stones and —proof that incoming generations are more than ready to grab the baton and run with it— the original trends created by the young designers of the Escola d’Art d’Eivissa.

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