La modelo y presentadora Mireia Canalda

apoya en Mallorca a Adlib Moda Ibiza en Nupcial Bridal Experience
Model-presenter Mireia Canalda heads to Mallorca to back Adlib Moda Ibiza's Nupcial Bridal Experience

Model-presenter Mireia Canalda heads to Mallorca to back Adlib Moda Ibiza’s Nupcial Bridal Experience

Six designers will showcase their work at the Saturday, 11 November runway show, though Adlib’s full delegation —present at Eivissa Council’s dedicated stand— includes 13 local creators.

From 10 to 12 November, the Adlib Moda Ibiza crew will be on Mallorca with the Eivissa Council at Nupcial Bridal Experience. Also in tow will be a very special guest, model-presenter Mireia Canalda, accompanying Ibiza’s fashion ambassadors, the bloggers Mónica Flaquer (Loving My Steps), Natalia Aestene (On Ibiza Clouds) and Anita Moreno (Dress To Impress Ibiza). All weekend along, the Adlib Moda Ibiza stand will showcase Ibizan brides-to-be dressed by Piluca Bayarri, Toney Bonet with jewellery by Elisa Pomar, Isabel Castellar, Ibimoda, Linnea Ibiza, Vintage Ibiza, Ivanna Mestres, Dira Moda Ibiza, Ichiana Ibiza, Luisa Tur Adlib and Virginia Vald. Shoemakers Espardenyes Torres will also collaborate. Six of these Ibizan creators, the event’s special guests, have been tapped to display their new 2018 bridal collections at Saturday’s 7.00pm runway show.

Nupcial Bridal Experience, open to the public through the weekend, has jumped on board with the industry-wide trend of catering to couples whether or not they choose to celebrate their union with official “I dos”. The change means the betrothed, unencumbered by the constraints of tradition, are more spontaneous and freer than ever. This new style of nuptializing fits Adlib Moda Ibiza’s model brides-to-be —one of a kind, in fresh, innovative and versatile apparel— like a glove.

This year the expo’s new digs are romantic. Located in the heart of Mallorca, Son Termes agritourism resort is a truly authentic backdrop for weddings. Over the weekend, attendees will be treated to a rotating programme of roundtable discussions, workshops and even a music-filled wedding jamboree. The public is invited to attend assorted workshops —on confectioning pastries, or choosing a photographer— talks with jewellery makers and even get a glimpse at an exhibition about foodtrucks and other cars to hire for ceremonies. At a special drawing to mark the expo’s conclusion, three couples who plan to tie the knot in 2018 will win prizes like a photo session and discounts on honeymoon travel, bridal downs, accessories and overnight accommodation.

Mireia Canalda

One of the wedding expo’s confirmed attendees is Mireia Canalda, who announced her engagement with Felipe López as part of the 2017 Adlib Pasarela fashion show, plans to walk down the aisle on Ibiza, where the model’s love story began.

Mireia Canalda is a model, presenter, actress, blogger, entrepreneur and creator of her own clothing line. Her fiancé, and fellow model, Felipe López, is a former swimmer. They have two children, Inés and Nuno.

Canalda, an icon on Spain’s fashion scene, has more than 100,000 followers on social media and features regularly in headlines, ad campaigns and television programmes. She also contributes to the Catalan talk show “Arucitys”. An Ibiza enthusiast who has walked the runway at Pasarela Adlib, Canalda always chooses Ibiza as her holiday destination. Trained in communication in Miami, she is the face of fashion lines and emcees events.

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