Momad Metrópolis

beats expectations of Adlib Moda Ibiza designers

Momad Metrópolis beats expectations of Adlib Moda Ibiza designers

Seven trade show participants welcome increased sales in Portugal, Italy, Croatia, France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

In prospective sales and attendance, this September’s Momad Metrópolis 2017 exceeded the expectations of Adlib Moda Ibiza and the Eivissa Council, attendees of the weekend trade show considered the premier in the nation. In addition to a reported jump in national sales, the seven Adlib creators in attendance pointed out upticks in countries like Portugal, Italy, Croatia, France, Germany and Holland.

For the first time this year, Adlib Moda Ibiza kicked off the Madrid fair with a runway show all its own, tapping team designers like Tony Bonet, Nanou Couture, Ibimoda, Ichiana Ibiza, Vintage Ibiza, K de Kose Kose Privée and Virginia Vald to showcase their individual 2018 collections. Moreover, the fair meant the artists had three days to push the Ibiza name and the homespun artisanal stylings it represents. They all agreed that this year’s fair was a particular success not just in terms of sales and attendance, but also in networking and—a direct corollary—potential buyers.

All seven creators hail this September’s show as a boon for new orders. Plus, since this May’s Pasarela Adlib Ibiza, an annual runway event which turned 46 this year, the designers say they can dedicate the time, care and attention their pieces require.

From her spot at the Madrid runway, Virginia Vald explains how a display of her “Adlib angel,” complete with self-styled flower wings, got her an invitation to contribute similar work at an upcoming Larios de Málaga fashion event. Bubbling with excitement, Vald describes that catwalk “one of the world’s largest and most impactful” and recalls a handful of conversations at last Friday’s show about the chance to buy her signature looks—one, she says, received particular attention—and put them on display at future runway events.

For other designers like Ichiana Ibiza and Nanou Couture, this year’s Momad Metrópolis was a first. In addition to recounting conversations with interested customers, Ichiana Ibiza gushed over praise from a press chief employed at Gucci for over 25 years. As Nanou Couture put it, “Madrid has been amazing, both in terms of attendance and reaching future buyers”.

The designers at Vintage Ibiza characterised it as their best trade show in ten years. “We were going a mile a minute,” they say, “Orders came in from Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain”. The team also took the opportunity to cheer Norma Duval for accepting their invitation to Momad Metrópolis.

For Tony Bonet, who attended Momad in February, it was “a chance to test drive the September show”. He was pleasantly surprised. “I came away with orders from customers in Portugal, Italy, France and Croatia”. The artist affirms the event left him “thoroughly satisfied”.

Ibimoda trumpeted a surge in orders, too, and described Momad has “a great chance to reach new customers”. Some of the budding relationships, they say, are with buyers in Paris. The most exciting part? Day two, when Ibimoda reps turned up at the fair to find a convert from the previous day’s catwalk already there waiting, ready to talk business.

K de Kose Kose Privée’s designer quipped she was “thrilled to have attended such a networking triumph”. Particularly popular, she said, were her signature textile jewellery, rosaries and Russian hats.

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