Adlib Ibiza Bridal

the most sophisticated, sexy and cosmopolitan version of the mediterranean bridal style

Adlib Ibiza Bridal, the most sophisticated, sexy and cosmopolitan version of the mediterranean bridal style

Discover the new Adlib Ibiza Bridal 2018 collections.

“Dress as you please, but dress to please”: the leit-motiv of the fashion brand created in 1971 on the Mediterranean island to work on one of the most special days in a woman’s life: her wedding! Dreamy, bohemian, romantic but also chic, sexy, unexpected and cosmopolitan, that’s what the brides who inspire the landscapes and lifestyle of the beautiful and effervescent Spanish island and the 2018 collections of Adllib Moda Ibiza are like.

Rules don’t exist, as the only suggested journey by the creators of bridal fashion from Ibiza up until the words ‘yes, I do!’ is that freedom guided by the charm of details, natural fabrics and flowing forms that let the natural feminine beauty really stand out.

Magical coves, turquoise beaches, exciting nights, wild nature, centuries-old traditions, cross-cultures, joy, relaxation, luxury, sophistication, glam and music. The Island of a thousand faces sets up 2018 for an eclectic and unique bridal universe together with the artisan character in its creations and the unique value of handmade pieces.

Lace, embroidery, silk, cotton, guipur and voile embrace ethereal and daring silhouettes, the romanticism of the white in all its nuances, the youthful elegance of three piece outfits, the renewed classicism or ‘country vintage’ style, ‘navy -rock’ and ‘boho-chic’ for an Adlib bride that in 2018 will wear on her big day hypnotic layers, straight and sensual lines, cascading ruffles, modern Victorian details, luxuriant headdresses, maxi technicolor accessories, espadrilles, feathers…

Adlib Ibiza dresses your dreams the day of your wedding!


Adlib Ibiza: “Dress as you please, but dress to please”

More information Adlib Ibiza: Dossier.

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