Nueva acción solidaria de Proyecto Juntos y Moda Adlib Ibiza

With “Coquitos,” Proyecto Juntos and Moda Adlib Ibiza team up for a cause

Moda Adlib Ibiza and the NGO Proyecto Juntos present “Coquitos”, an initiative which, backed by the Eivissa Council and boosted by the participation of numerous local designers, aims to help children with cancer. Designers Tony Bonet, Monika Maxim and Luisa Tur have produced a line of handkerchiefs for youngsters who are undergoing chemotherapy and have experienced hair loss. Part of a broader national initiative spearheaded by Proyecto Juntos, the scarves project gets support from other players too—Marta from Blau Cel and Diverchildren, which donated fabric for the project, are also participating.

“Coquitos” (handkerchiefs) will be delivered every two or three months to the oncology departments of the Ibiza and Formentera hospitals and at others like Mallorca’s Hospital Universitari Son Espases, Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona and, on October 12, the Hospital Universitario of Madrid.

Organisers say they will continue welcoming collaboration from other members of the Moda Adlib Ibiza team. Charo Ruíz, for one, is scheduled to contribute her own international designs.

The first delivery of handkerchiefs and bandanas—designed with Adlib Ibiza’s trademark care and love—has already taken place. Tony Bonet, for his part, chipped in with 31. An array of fun, colourful tissues, they reflect the designer’s characteristic robust personality and modern, baroque style. Of Monika Maxim’s 22 creations, 11 are for boys and 11 are for girls. Their cotton and white lace bear the imprint of Adlib and all the purity associated with the white isle. Finally, Luisa Tur pitched in with 31 cotton scarves inspired by the light and colours that are the island’s hallmark.

So far Moda Adlib Ibiza has donated 84 locally-crafted Coquitos, small objects that can perhaps help a cancer sufferer great deal. According to the three artists, “the goal, besides delivering some of Ibiza’s magic and freshness, is to put a smile on these kids’ faces and make sure they keep dreaming”.


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