2017 Adlib Ibiza Runway

From May 18 to 20, Ibiza welcomes Adlib Ibiza Runway 2017, now in its forty-sixth year. Three days of runway shows in which 28 Ibiza designers will display their creations for the 2018 season: menswear and womenswear, summer and winter collections, jewellery and accessories.

The first runway show, “Futur Adlib,” which unfolds May 18 at Sa Punta des Molí, is a display of local talent. These young designers will put their creativity to the test, and turn to Ibiza for inspiration.

Adlib Ibiza Runway stretches out across two shows, May 19 and 20, in the Ibiza port. It’s a chance to watch as Adlib’s local creators, from the classical to the ground-breaking, let their imaginations soar.

Adlib Ibiza Runway’s track record as a bellwether of culture and entertainment is longstanding. For going on half a century, the event has signalled the convergence of island locals and tourists by the thousands—never mind the media correspondents, showrunners and members of the fashion world—all angling to get a look at Ibiza’s potent textile industry. By blending artisanry and couture, Moda Adlib is about clothes that enhance their wearer’s own style and personality. This made-on-Ibiza industry drives jobs and has got the punch to make its wearer feel unique and free, with a place on the island.

Adlib Ibiza 2017

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